Stockholm 2018: Organizers

Neal HaddawayNeal Haddaway is a research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute. His main research interests are around the production and use of environmental evidence in decision-making, by improving the transparency, efficiency and reliability of evidence synthesis as a methodology. Neal is the co-creator of ROSES (RepOrting standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses), a set of rigorous standards for reporting the conduct of systematic reviews and maps in environmental topics.
Research profile:
Twitter: @nealhaddaway

Martin WestgateMartin Westgate is a research fellow at the Australian National University. His research focusses on how scientific information can be used to mitigate human impacts on the environment, via a combination of empirical ecology and evidence synthesis. Martin is the creator of revtools, an R package for interactive visualisation of bibliographic data during evidence synthesis projects.

Research profile:
Twitter: @westgatecology