Canberra 2019: FAQ

How big will this event be?
Numbers are capped at 60 people.

What will I do there?
This is an event to discuss, plan for, and build the future of evidence synthesis. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet and work with world leaders in evidence synthesis research and develop new ideas, articles and software tools.

I don’t write code - should I bother applying?
Yes! This event has a dedicated stream for people who want to discuss issues rather than write code, and we’re keen to hear from people with a range of experience and professional backgrounds.

How much will it cost?
Registration is $100 AUD, or $50 for students. Attendees can apply to waive some or all of their attendance costs, with priority being given to early career researchers or developers.

Will you cover my transport & accommodation?
You can apply for funding to cover these costs; but funds are limited and most people will have to cover some or all of their own costs. Food costs during the event are included in your registration.

What computing languages are you focussing on?
We’re open to attendees with a range of skills. Many of the attendees will have a background in R, but people with experience in Python or JavaScript are most welcome; some will have no coding background whatsoever.

I’m in the neighbourhood - can I just show up?
Unfortunately we have limits on space, so we’re asking people to apply in advance here.

Can you cover my salary while I attend the hackathon?