I am a Colombian biologist, with a Master in World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development (University of Turin & Politecnico di Torino). As practitioner and researcher I have been actively involved in projects related with climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, protected areas, sustainable development, local communities, biocultural heritage and ecotourism in Latin America. My research and professional interests have been around the social and livelihood impacts of environmental conservation and sustainable development initiatives on local communities, how to work in solutions that help to achieve a real sustainable development that is inclusive with local communities needs. Between 2016-2018, I was a Luc Hoffmann Institute Fellow at the Australian National University, working with the Future-Proofing Conservation, supporting adaptive governance for protected areas management in Colombia, and studying knowledge governance arrangements that facilitate strategic thinking and collective learning that help to understand and navigate global changes.Currently I am a PhD Candidate, studying climate adaptation in relation with biodiversity conservation policies, with the aim to identify transitions to dynamic management of natural resources under climate change.