A hackathon to develop tools for rapidly summarising research evidence

Evidence synthesis (ES) is the process of converting scientific outputs (such as articles and reports) into usable evidence to inform management or policy. ES is critical to evidence-based management in a range of fields from environmental conservation to medicine, but ES projects can be enormously time-consuming and expensive.

We think that we can make ES projects more efficient, and produce better results, by improving the ecosystem of available open science tools for effective synthesis. To make this happen, we’re inviting interested researchers, practitioners and coders to Stockholm to help us discuss and develop new open-source software for ES applications.

The inaugural Evidence Synthesis Hackathon (ESH) will be held from Monday 23rd – Wednesday 25th April 2018 at the Stockholm Environment Institute, Sweden. It will help participants to learn about evidence synthesis, meet fellow coders, and help shape research in this important field.