NHaddaway_imageNeal Haddaway is a research fellow at the Stockholm Environment Institute. His main research interests are around the production and use of environmental evidence in decision-making, by improving the transparency, efficiency and reliability of evidence synthesis as a methodology. Neal is the co-creator of ROSES (RepOrting standards for Systematic Evidence Syntheses;, a set of rigorous standards for reporting the conduct of systematic reviews and maps in environmental topics.
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Twitter: @nealhaddaway

S. NakagawaShinichi Nakagawa is an Associate Professor at UNSW, Sydney (Australia), the Deputy Director of Research at the Evolution & Ecology Research Centre, EERC at UNSW, and an elected member of the Society of Research Synthesis Methods; he is also a Cochrane-review author. In addition to empirical papers on various topics in ecology and evolution, he has published over 60 meta-analyses and 30 methodological papers, which include a new effect size static (lnCVR) and various new methods (e.g., phylogenetic multilevel meta-analysis and R-squared for mixed models).
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Twitter: I have been avoiding Twitter for years (may have to give in soon)

D. NobleDan Noble is a Lecturer at the Australian National University. In addition to his empirical work in ecophysiology and evolutionary ecology, Dan is passionate about developing new statistical and computational approaches to facilitate systematic reviews and meta-analyses. He is one of the authors of metaDigitise, an R package used for extracting data from the primary literature and he has published a number of large-scale meta-analyses exploring questions in evolutionary ecology.
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Twitter: @DanielWANoble

MWestgate_imageMartin Westgate is a research fellow at the Australian National University. His research focusses on how scientific information can be used to mitigate human impacts on the environment, via a combination of empirical ecology and evidence synthesis. Martin is the creator of revtools (, an R package for interactive visualisation of bibliographic data during evidence synthesis projects.
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Twitter: @westgatecology